Admissions Overview

Welcome to the admissions page of Alliance American University (AAU), your gateway to transformative education and a world of limitless opportunities. We're delighted that you're considering joining our diverse and vibrant community, and we're excited to help you take the first step towards your future.

Applications go through the AAU’s admissions website.

The admissions team looks for evidence of academic ability as well as indications of past performance and future potential.

If you have questions or would like help with your application, please feel free to contact our dedicated team at any point in your application process at [email protected]

Things To Know First

The Common Application is required for students applying to any of AAU’s programs.

For some of the degrees you have to fulfill some minimum requirements:

Master / MBA programs

Undergraduate degree (Bachelor) from a recognized university or equivalent

Grade transcripts

Your CV or resume

ID or passport copy

One photo

English Proficiency for non-native speakers

Doctorate programs

MBA (or equivalent qualification) from a recognized higher education institution.

A Master’s degree in management (or associated discipline) with a minimum of 2 years professional work experience.

A Master’s degree in a field other than management (or related discipline) but with a minimum of 5 years professional work experience.

Grade transcripts

Your CV or resume

ID or passport copy

One photo

When To Apply?

You can join our program at any moment once the Admission Committee reviews your application. Be certain that you have the necessary qualification for each of our programs. AAU will review your qualifications during the course of your studies. AAU reserves the right not award you a degree if the admission criteria are not met.


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